Hello! My name is Pat Hester! Welcome to my website! Here, you will find a perfect balance of narcissism and humbleness. 
I am an illustrator and videographer based in Los Angeles. I am currently available for freelance and in-house work.
Originally from Nebraska running through a corn maze, I finally found my way out and into Los Angeles. I found my love for animation when I learned it was a combination of my two favorite hobbies. DRAWING AND ACTING. With a background in performing arts as well as earning a BFA in Illustration from ArtCenter College of Design, I found my love of storytelling, bringing characters to life and creating their worlds to explore. Many stories growing up have become an inspirational part of my life, so I hope to work on tv shows, films and picture books that will become a part of someone else's story. 
If my balance of narcissism and humbleness was to your liking, please leave your love letters at the email address below.
For business enquires, please contact me at:
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